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Movement is the key to a healthy life.

I have been an athlete my whole life. I love to move and my passion is to help you move too!

My joy is to help you understand your body and with corrective exercises specific for you, teach you how to heal your body!

Here is my story…

My life at home started with 3 older athletic brothers. They inspired me to move.

As a kid I was setting up jumps, obstacle courses and rugby for my neighborhood friends.

At 18, I began training with dancer Maya Drucker who worked with Joe Pilates.

In 1985 I graduated from college with a degree in Movement Education.

I have been and still am a biker, runner and swimmer.

While a mom, I became credentialed and taught Pilates and Yoga for years.

To further my understanding of the body I became a massage therapist.

After my divorce I became a successful Personal Trainer.

Many of my clients were coming to me with poor posture, physical limitations and reoccurring injuries.

Then Pete Egoscue’s Book “Pain Free” fell into my lap! Here it is! Pete’s clear map of the body has helped so many of my clients come out of pain.

In 2016, I graduated from the Egoscue Institute.

I’m 62 and still an athlete!

Movement is the key to a healthy life…Let’s move!


Posture Alignment Specialist, Egoscue Institute

Burlington College, Burlington, VT, Movement Education

Professional Achievements

“Primal Sitting” Ergonomics in the Workplace

A lecture/ demonstration on proper body mechanics in the workplace - Austen Riggs Center

“Shoulder Clinic for Swimmers” Taught a class on proper shoulder mechanics in the water and did exercises for mobility and stability for the shoulder -  Kilpatrick Athletic Center.

“Low Back Clinic” Taught a 2 hour workshop on how to take care of your back. Power point presentation describing the different postural deviations of the lumbar spine and pelvis from the Egoscue Method. Time was spent getting to know one’s own posture and exercises were taught for an individualized program.

Therapist Qualifications

 Gokhale Method Foundation Course (Posture and Spine)
 FMS Certified Functional Movement Level 2
 Ace Certified Personal Trainer, B.C.C.
Pilates Certification in MAT and Reformer, Bodycode
Spacial Dynamics Instructor
Certified Massage Therapist, Baltimore School of Massage
ACE Orthopedic Specialist 3/2022

Eileen Duane

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