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Our Philosophy

The Egoscue Method was founded in 1971 by an anatomical physiologist Peter Egoscue. The Egoscue Method is the world leader in non-medical pain relief and with 25 clinics worldwide it has a 94% success rate.

This Method recognizes the biomechanic principles that govern the human musculoskeletal system. Each person is born with the same core design characteristics. This posture blueprint has our hip, knees, ankles and shoulders stacked horizontally and loaded vertically in a magnificent balance. If rotation, elevation or collapse has occurred in any of these joints the kinetic chain is broken and one is prone to injury.

Our bodies’ design is the same but our dysfunctions are unique. The exercises given first remove the rotations that can happen in the body, then break up the dysfunctional muscular patterns and then the body can heal, the joints are restored to a healthy relationship with themselves and gravity. This process takes time. Our vision is to help people get out of chronic pain by restoring one’s dynamic posture to its healthy design. We believe that change is possible. The exercises are medicinal because muscles move bones. Bones do not dictate your movement but muscles do. If it took you 50 years to get bent it will take a while to straighten out. It can be a quick process for some and a long process for others.

Our Mission

In conventional Physical Therapy the plan for rehabilitation is symptom driven and focuses specifically on the area and the joints above and below.

In Egoscue we don't chase the symptom. Egoscue looks at the body as a whole kinetic chain. If one joint is out of alignment it can effect the whole body. Where the symptom of pain occurs is usually not the cause. The goal of the Egoscue Method is to bring the whole body back into structural integrity, which assists the body to heal itself!

The Egoscue Therapist is highly trained to recognize structural and mechanical deviations of the body. Based on the client’s history and therapist’s observations (posture and gait) a series of functional demand exercises are developed. These exercises are designed to address the dysfunctions and muscular imbalances and guide the body back to postural health.